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The Emergence of Classical Homoeopathy as Opposed to the Later Hahnemannian Approach

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the discovery of the
Chakra flower essences

In 1997, Carola Lage-Roy and her husband discovered the first chakra flower essences. Out of an intimate desire to receive an essence that should be helpful for the problems of the new times, she went with her family and friends to the Ehrenberg in Franconia, popularly known as Walberla, on her 44th birthday. Instead of one essence, she was given four essences. On the same day, her husband Ravi Roy noticed that these essences act directly on the chakras.

Over the next few years, she intensively researched these four essences on family members, patients, seminar participants and friends (with friends of alternative medicine), until the effects were clearly evident. Soon she discovered more essences in America, some of which were quickly used.

Over the years, Europe, North and South America and Asia joined the countries of origin of the essences.
The first four essences remain the basis of all essences.

Lage & Roy

SINCE 1990

The first document by Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy was created in 1983, namely a small booklet, the "Homeopathic Guide for Travelers", since nothing about the subject of travel, especially in the tropics, at this point in the entire homeopathic literature existed.

At the request of the seminar participants to share the great knowledge of Ravi Roy in writing, once for themselves and secondly, in order to pass it on to interested parties, after the Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986 the second adviser "Radioactivity" - was published.

From 1987, other guides on current health issues were regularly written and published.

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